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Diggedi is the music memory game with songs from your favorite artists. Watch, listen and memorize each pattern. As soon as the pattern stops, repeat to create a perfect repetition. The more on rhythm you are the more points you earn for each correct pad!




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Awesome features

Diggedi combines the 80's hit memory game “Simon” with the easy and fun music creation interface of an MPC drum machine.

How to play?

Watch and memorize the pattern. As soon as the guide pattern stops, repeat to create a perfect repetition. Start playing as soon as you see “Repeat”. The smoother the transition and the more on beat you are, the higher the score. Got it? Good! Play on Playas!

Rhythm & Memory

Practice your rhythm skills. Challenge your brain.

Exclusive Rewards

Earn points for exclusive invitations and access to events, experiences, products, music and more!

Music genres for all ages

Explore and discover new artists while building your memory skills! Play global top hits and emerging artists curated by the Diggedi team.

"Play" music

The new way to experience music with interactive content.

Edutainment + Training

Awaken the inactive neurologic muscles in your brain that support memory. Through the various melodic structures of songs, the player learns rhythm, tempo, and duration while playing Diggedi.

Screenshots gallery

A sleek design for generation now.

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How to play!

Want your music on Diggedi?

Diggedi is the new way for artists to entertain and reach their fans. Diggedi allows fans to experience an artist's music through interactive challenges and fun memory patterns. Fans enjoy the artists’ work in a more memorable and engaging way. Contact Diggedi to join the platform and use Diggedi to reach and entertain your fans.

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